Hello members and guests of CF,

We are also proud to release this third service, that we hope will help in its own way for your site.

A little FAQ to make you more comfortable with this ad:

What do I gain from this services ?

Answer: You can get everything to do about Twitter, facebook, youtube, and more to come. Get bigger impressive numbers on your facebook or twitter page. Get comments on vids on youtube, and more ...

What is this service exactly ?

Answer: Well this service is split into 3 little services: (2 follows on Twitter - 4 likes on facebook - 2 positive comments on 2 of your videos on youtube and on your wall)

Each services costs 5 Denarri, pick out which one you want. Or if you want them all. You can request this once in 2 weeks time. You cannot request follow on twitter and like for facebook again. Only ONE time.

Pick out the template of the sub-services you want.

2 Follows on twitter

Twiter page name

Twitter page link:
4 likes on your facebook page of site/forum

Facebook page name:

Facebook link:

extra notes?:
2 on 2 (2 comments on 2 vids)

Youtube Channel link:

extra information?: (On what vid do you want us to comment or is there something we really have to add in the comment?)

Once again enjoy this services. Make a new topic and copy paste the templates of the services you want.