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Thread: Anything New in The Webmaster World?

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    Smile Anything New in The Webmaster World?

    Hey guys,

    As some of you have *maybe* noticed, I have not been online for about four months or so. I have lost pretty all connection with all online services.

    What have I missed? Anything new thats happening? Google, etc?

    Any pagerank updates? When was the last one? Anything you say will be helpful to me right now, lol..

    Thanks again guys

    ps: I am reading through posts, but there are tons of new posts from the past four months, ..

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    Yeah, i notice you.

    PR update happen for me 3 days ago. {only at few web directories}.

    You can Now chat anytime with nb friend at chat rooms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakki View Post
    Yeah, i notice you.

    Lol.... This was a neat answer

    Welcome back 5starpix!!!


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    Welcome back! Were you offline by choice or against your will? Hopefullly you had nice Adsense monies waiting on you!!!

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    Did you have an affair with one of those ladies in your blog??

    Good to see you back online.

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    Welcome back! 4 months being offline it's very much. I can't resist 4 days LOL.
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