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Thread: Coming to 2000 members, what are your thoughts?

  1. Right now we have 975 active members and I hope we will cross 1k ratio soon .

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    Well we're getting bigger every day, the more members there are, the better the forum will be so Let's hope the new members are as cool as the current ones
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Will be better and better~~~~~~!

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    Amazing. It took my football forum more than 2 years to reach 1800.

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    NB is a nice clean forum which appears to have a cheerful lot of active members. I know I'm having some fun visiting regularly.
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    59 more members to go! Net Builders for the win! Woooooo!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gloson View Post
    59 more members to go! Net Builders for the win! Woooooo!
    Do recommend this forum to your contacts

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    As long as the forum is active, people will find it and come to you. It's just a matter of reaching critical mass.

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    Great news, because of the merger with SEONoise, we now have more than 2000 members!

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    Members: 2,227, Active Members: 1,122

    nice status, we get 300 new registration within 5 days,
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