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Thread: Cricket protein bar maker seeks to ‘normalize the consumption of insects’

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    Cricket protein bar maker seeks to ‘normalize the consumption of insects’

    Two young entrepreneurs have developed a high protein bar using crickets that they say have superior nutritional qualities and can go a long way in making insect consumption mainstream in America.
    Exo cricket protein bar, aims to normalize insect consumption

    No thanks. I am not going to eat these ugly disgusting crickets. Are you going to eat this crap?

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    Well, people have always and still do try out insects covered in chocolate, etc etc etc.
    So, sure there are quite a few eco people that will welcome this and eat this.

    And how much will be sold to the curious?

    Heck, taste good, I would eat it.

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    If they'd wrap the little suckers in bacon and cover 'em in chocolate, I'd at least give them a try. (If they make them anything like granola bars, forget it.)

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    Billions (yes that many) around the world already eat insects, mostly in 'poor' countries and it's a very valuable if under used source of protein. It's also very abundant all over the populated world, is easy to produce, organic and particularly wholesome, being rich in vitamins and essential minerals. It's also a fact that it's the safest meat you can eat. More of it would reduce the suffering and cruelty of farming animals (just look at the PETA website), reduce global warming gasses by substantial amounts and is sustainable in the long term. It can be grown using our organic waste products too. And it's kosher.

    The whole world would be a better place if it was taken more seriously by the east and west and their ever growing population. Have I sold it to you yet? Do you eat seafood? Prawns, shrimps, crabs etc. are the same damn things just bigger and grow in the ocean. Think how much of the worlds oceans could be saved from over fishing by growing land based insect food.

    Hell yeah, I'm all for it, big time!
    If I can't be a good example, I'll just have to be a terrible warning...

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    There are 900,000 well known insects safest to eat, but I believe the culture and the food availability are depending on the location, play a major role. I am sure that this kind of food maybe better than what the food industry could produce to the body, but honestly eating these insects would be acceptable for me in a survival mode.

    I still have a question for you guys, what kind of exotic food have you ever tried?

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