DP introduces paid memberships.

If you haven't noticed yet, DP is [ame="http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=1527490"]introducing premium membership[/ame]

Currently after paying about $10-15 per month you get:

  • Access to private forum for premium users
  • Private message box will hold up to 5,000 messages and don't auto-delete until after 180 days (1,000 messages and 90 days is default)
  • Ability to change user title (regardless if you change it [or even if you don't]), your user title will be bold
  • You can customize your profile (see my profile for an example)
  • Threads you start in Buy/Sell/Trade will be sticky for the first 2 hours (stay at the top) as well as become sticky again for the last 2 hours of your sale.
  • Threads in Buy/Sell/Trade are highlighted
  • Keyword Tracker users get additional functionality
  • You get 4 links in your signature (2 is default)