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Thread: How you found this forum?

  1. I was refereed by Arpit Bhai . He is very helpful person and know each other from last 3 years but never meet yet .

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    I was invited to join by Will

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    A few posts within DP within the Forum Management section. Got me interested in the person who made the posts.
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    I was on an arcade forum (Talk Arcades) when stickycarrots posted a link to it. I've yet to forgive that vegetable.

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    i saw netbuilders avatar from DP. and decided to join

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sneakyheathen View Post
    Learned about it on WMP (which is now a part of this forum)
    Same here!
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    I got an email from Will telling me about how great the forum is.

    Quote Originally Posted by homebizseo View Post
    I was at a tattoo shop and a dude name Will was getting a cool logo on his back, I started quizzing him and he told me that was the name of his website.
    Are you sure that wasn't Sundaybrew?

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    I got msg from SEOnoise to tell they merged with NB.
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    I got reputation from Will on DP about netbuilders and when I checked this forum, I found it too great and then boooommm

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