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Thread: Which Internet forum do you spend most of your time on?

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    Forums are waste of time. I randomly chech NB but I dont' usually post anymore. A lot of bull shit everywhere, and no decent conversations.

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    I spend time at NB, DP and OffWaLK.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Desan View Post
    A lot of bull shit everywhere, and no decent conversations.
    I agree with you on that.
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  4. I actually spend a lot of time on a "domainer" forum that isn't publicly available to everyone. In fact, you to 'apply' to be a member.

    There are a lot of forums out there that no one really knows about, do you know of any?
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    With that other forum now adding links to my posts I'm quickly starting to spend more & more time here at NetBuilders...
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    i spend most of my time on my own forum

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    Well, for me its digitalpoint... The place where I have been from the beginning

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    I spend more on DP and V7N and India Forums too
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  9. i spend my free time on NetBuilders and These are wonderful forums !

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