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Thread: Just got banned on DP because I notified the Admins about my brothers account.

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    I understand you. Sometimes people misunderstand and generalize things where it affect some individuals. I posted there not long ago a thread, and the next day a friend of mine told me that I posted it on the wrong category. I rapidly when to check it out and he was right, then I reported my own thread that was in the wrong place telling that if it could be deleted or moved and what I got was an infraction and the thread deleted.

    Sometimes people do things that you don't expect since you have been honest, but keep been honest because at the end it has more weight.


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    I do not understand this at all.

    I just got banned on DP because I notified my the admins that it was a possibility that my brother and I were using the same IP.

    I saw the new TOS changes and it said to notify the admins before you got caught and I was doing just that.

    The next day I logged in and "banned"

    I am really dissappointed. (not to mention my brother is very mad because now we have no way of promoting our business on the forum)

    Don't worry after 6 months you would be grateful that you were banned from DP. Trust me While DP is a great place for newbies to learn and for webmasters to promote it spoils you as well! There are other better and more reliable ways than DP which you will learn eventually


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