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Thread: Post your Usernames in other forums here...

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    I'm "Tearabite" at most forums... at a few i go by my nom de plume: 'Randy Brown' ..

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    5starpix everywhere

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    Everywhere at once...
    I almost always go by "buffalo" but if I DO use a different name in a forum, it's because I don't want anyone there to know who I am.

    DP - 11,147 (mod) - 834 (admin) forum - 1,374 (admin)
    Another one where I go by a different name - 5,500+ (super mod)
    BTWIMHO - 26 (I've only been there a few days)

    Quote Originally Posted by Digital View Post
    Well, I am famous as Digital_Shubhi in DigitalPoint ! - 4200+ posts !

    Also in other forums with around 100 to 300 posts like in namepros, sitepoint, wihee, etc

    - Digital -
    Your name always reminds me of digital sushi.

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    Mine vaires quite a bit.

    Stroh on DP
    Stroh on CoolRom
    Stroh on EF
    Coastercraze here
    Coastercraze at GR
    Player A on Wabuf
    WHT is an easy one to figure out but I'll leave the mystery solving to you.
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    Let's see...

    Razorloq on Net Builders (obviously)
    Razorloq on Digital Point (just started the Daily DIGIT, but the forum's starting to really piss me off)
    FreeTheTV on Black Hat World
    Used to be Razorloq on Warrior Forum, but I was banned for spamming without even making a post.


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    I tend to use m42 across the board.

    If there are minimum character requirements on a username, I'll use alliespencer.

    Diet Fads

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    I usually use either mess4sam or sambo on forums if the name Sam is taken which it usually always is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buffalo View Post
    Your name always reminds me of digital sushi.
    I don't know that shushi

    - Digital -

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    i use innovator sometimes and forgot the others esp. during my online gaming days

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    Quote Originally Posted by hendricius View Post
    My usernames are the same every where. In all forums I have the same username hendricius
    Did you get that name from the Character Irenicus from Baldurs's Gate?
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