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Thread: Quoting and Duplicate Content

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    Quoting and Duplicate Content

    Just a quick question:

    When you quote text in this forum (say for example an article from another site), can the search engine read this text and penalize the site for duplicate content? i.e. is quoted text any different from unquoted text?


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    According to Matt Cutts, there is no duplicate content "penalty" per se. Google just removes sites from the SERP results for certain searches where the content is "too similar."

    The way I read this in the context of quotes is "You probably won't rank for the quoted text, but you will be able to rank for other text on the page."

    My site Famous Quote ranks reasonably well for several SERPS.
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    ^I agree, when I visit other forums see articles from other websites, when I would search for the resource for the content, it can show many sites with the same content. here if an example.


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