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Thread: SEO - I hate that term !

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    So u had some bad experience well frankly i have never hired so call seo experts just try diffrent things google is strong enough to find sites which are non seoed or whatever its called

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    I think this is supposed to be a joke rant, or just babbling from a deranged NB member.

    Quote Originally Posted by Soulzripper View Post
    I mean come on it's good to mention it once in a while and it's good if you're site is likable by a search bot.
    That typically only happens if your site follows good SEO practices or if you put lots of smiley faces on your site so that the search bots like it more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Soulzripper View Post
    What's irritating is the usage of the term "SEO" all the times.
    I agree. Let's change it to something that makes more sense, such as WTFDIDTRH (WTF Do I Do To Rank Higher).

    Quote Originally Posted by Soulzripper View Post
    Without proper context. Without knowing about it much..
    I don't understand this. It is without proper context.

    Quote Originally Posted by Soulzripper View Post
    And there are these weirdo SEO experts lol..
    What about us weirdo SEO experts? I think I qualify for that one. Are you saying that Einstein was not a weirdo, or do you think he just had bad hair days?

    Quote Originally Posted by Soulzripper View Post
    Just check their homepage statistics !!
    When people criticize an SEO site because it does not rank in the top 10 for the term "SEO", they are usually naive and do not understand that the only industry on the planet where ALL sites are optimized is the SEO industry. There is only room for 10 pages in the the top 10 slots in Google. Personally, I think there should be room for 100 pages in the top 10 positions. Many of the top ranking companies have a team of people whose sole duty is to keep their site at the top. That requires a lot of time that most SEO professionals do not have, because they are too busy working on client's sites. I spend my time helping my clients to rank better. My measure f success is how many of my client's sites rank in the top 10.

    In an ideal world, every SEO site would rank #1 in Google. That's actually a good idea. I think my next goal will be to make sure that each page in my site ranks #1 for "SEO". LOL
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    LoL nice one Dogger

    I was just ranting that's all
    Indian & International webmasters are welcome !!!

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    I will say that I love seo term because I do it myself and get satisfied results . I am still learning seo from different webmaster blogs and forum but now I am capable to get some cool ranking on specific keywords .

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    I think what Google should do is pick one random result out of its database of results and display it as the second result. That would level the playing field and would give those young sites a chance to get some traffic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulzripper View Post
    Ok well...

    What I mean to say is all the SEO experts out there are just useless.
    OOO man! I think you are over confident, first check your website "in your signature" lots of onpage and design mistakes. No one is expert in SEO because everyday things are change in SEO and the person updated is the best SEO student

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