So I'm chilling, doing my design and email and writing thing, and I get an IM from the admin of a forum I don't even bother lurking on saying we're having a "conference" in 5 minutes. (This is what I get for making quality posts...admins I don't like talking to puling me into chats) So the "forum staff" (i never go to this forum...) get to talking about a troll.

The admin refuses to ban the troll. He insists that it's not a "troll" problem, it's a "trolling" problem. The administrator of a forum is refusing to remove a hinderence for the sake of the community or even ENFORCE HIS OWN RULES.

This is what pisses me off: everyone said BAN THE TROLL. Why hold a conference if you aren't going to listen to ideas? Why pull people into said conference when they aren't a member of the community? Why bother administering a forum if you won't enforce the rules?

To his credit, I have been known to be a tight-fisted administrator. I run a hard ship, but I at least listened to my community. If you're going to be an admin, you have to understand that the MEMBERS make the forum, and sometimes those members need to be forcibly removed. The good of the many over the good of the few.

Okay...anger out