I used to be an active Jr. VIP on Blackhatworld, a similar Internet Marketing site to NetBuilders with a bit more sinister intentions. My name was FreeTheTV. I had over seven hundred posts (several thousand counting downloads and lounge section posts, but they didn't count towards the overall post count) and 1,290 thanks. I wrote ebooks about E-whoring and CPA and several other topics. I was on top of the world.

But I had multiple accounts. It was my first forum, so I didn't understand the deal about multiple accounts. I tried to explain to some moderators, but all they did was ban me and all of my accounts. And somehow, now, after a month of banning plus a few days, I am allowed back on with my FreeTheTV account.

But I'm pretty much done with that forum. It's going to crap anyways. I PM'ed an administrator asking to have my account cleared and my name changed, so we'll see what happens there. However, I am in the process of transferring all of my popular threads from BHW over to NetBuilders. Those of you who are not a part of the Blackhat part of the forum, I highly suggest that you join, as they represent a world of information and months upon months of research!

Needless to say, expect a lot from me in the future. This is my new home.