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Thread: Thanks?

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    Do you give thanks to useful and informative post?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeeOne View Post
    Do you give thanks to useful and informative post?
    Ofcourse I do, that's where the thanks button is for no?
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    Only the posts that worth thanked.
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    yeah.of course. useful informations help me a lot

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    yeah i give thanks when i found post useful.

  6. I do really give thanks to all the post which I feel have helped me as well as other members of this forum. I prefer that posts must be informative in one manner or another. A forum is for sharing your knowledge with other members. You must accept the views of other members and respect them. Forum must grow with participation of all the members who contribute. I am sure Netbuilders is on the right track. It can one like the DP in the future if members are posting great informative posts.

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    Most of the time I'll give my thanks, although there may be some occasions when I feel too lazy to thank someone
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    Well, I have seen here many great posts with not even a single thanks !!! I feel really sorry for the member who have posted it so brilliantly !!

    Anyways, from now on, make the habit of pressing the thanks button when ever needed.

    It'll make others to contribute more.
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    I barely use it, In fact I've been using forums more than 5 years and I think I've pressed the thanks buttons like 2 times simply because I really never paid much attention and didn't even knew there was one (weird)

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    Yes i do have this habit, whenever i see the post is useful and of course when it is funny. lol

    I like humorous post and person. .

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