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Thread: Username

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    well my name is haris and jmi stands for Jamia millia islamia universtity from where i did my graduation so i added it with my name

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    My real name... Who would guess, ha?

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    I had to choose something, had no meaning untill...

    YouTube - SZISE

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    I'm Cody and I'm the best. So...
    Cabins Renta
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  5. #35 The domain which I have lost twice and it happened to come back to me.
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    The idea is nothing but it is my name so i chose it as a username!

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    Just i like Digital type of things.

    - Digital -

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    well, siva sriram is my name, so i used it as username.
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    I used to own the site with that name It was my first too, and I ended up selling it in late 2007

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    Dec 2008
    Martinique, FWI
    The second name of my father
    It's my new primary nickname.

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