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Thread: Username

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    Friends, I think it would be interesting to know the idea/story behind your username.

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    My names Sam and i was at the forum quite early so was able to grab it

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    blueCheri according to me is a unique name so I'm bluecheri

  4. Well i own a proxy listing site ( )

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    A few years ago I was a warez guru, uploader / downloader etc... That's why I made my name with 'warez'.. But I couldn't find a good word to put before or after it... So I tried some things..

    Suddenly the word 'Aqua' came into my mind so Aquawarez was what I had.. But that sucked.. So I did AqWarez, that sucked even more so I tried Aquarez.. But since that wasn't unique in Google (it had tons of results) I tried Aquarezz, and that had 0 results in Google & Yahoo...

    That's the history behind 'Aquarezz'

    |Nico Lawsons

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    I couldn't think of any good username to use. I happen to have a 'XpertVision 9600GT Sonic' box in front of me. So, I decided to use 1901gt as my username. 19/01 is my birth date.

    I've been using 1901gt ever since then.

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    And for mine, G is my last name for that Gee and added One just that.

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    Many years ago. There was a game called Star ars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. It was mmorpg (massively multiplayer online roleplaying game). I played it. And I had to name my character. So, I named it Gauer Desan. Gauer came from one Star wars comic book. And Desan came from one Star Wars game. It was Desann, in the Star Wars game, and I just dropped the last n out of it.

    When I joined to this forum, I had hard time creating a username. Then I remembered Gauer Desan ( I have used it on many places). I dropped the Gauer part out of it, and all there was left was Desan.

    Ps. I used to be a huge Star wars fan. (Well, I still am. )

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    It was 1998 and I just got my very first lego set which was the Knights Castle. I signed up on The Official Web Site of LEGO ® products! and since I like roller coasters, Coastercraze was born
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    I have a very long name, that is Elisheva Dinar Prasasti Wiriaatmadja. So I shortened it to elishevadpw.

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