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Thread: V7N Hacked!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DomainMagnate View Post
    I've noticed an interesting dynamics on V7N, it seems there are many sellers there - for links, services, domains, sites - but very few buyers. It's pretty hard to actually sell anything there.
    I like to troll for deals in unbalanced markets like those.
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  2. I know very well V7n never be hacked by anyone it is secure in hand.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Razer_Thomas View Post
    it is secure in hand.
    That's a contradiction right in there GoDaddy is the least secure registrar of all. Pretty much all of the domain thefts that happen have something to do with GoDaddy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    I like to troll for deals in unbalanced markets like those.
    It's a good place to look for social bookmarking services (after you've checked NB of course ) since DP banned them. But I think in other areas these are mostly the same people just reposting their sales threads from other forums. However there should be some deals as well.

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