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Thread: Warrior Forum

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    Not to forget that if you want to sell at warrior's WSO forum, you need to have your own product, you can't sell any resell rights or PLR products there.

  2. i'm still a member in that forum. but my eyes hurt when i see red colors.
    unlike green. :d i like green even my websites are green

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    Quote Originally Posted by wholesalekid View Post
    I just registered on warrior forum but i don't remember that they ask me to pay $20 to post.
    You only have to pay if you are posting in the WSO area.

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    Yeah I am a member there too, and you only pay the $20 if you want to sell something. Thats fair, and they charge the same amount to post in their Classifieds section.

    Consider that your ad is getting to a total member base of more than quarter of a million members, so if you are not prepared to pay $20 for the opportunity, you're a cheapskate.

    The other (membership) fee of $37 is ONLY if you choose to belong to the "Private Area" of the forum called "The War Room" and when you get in there and see all the stuff thats free - well you would never argue the cost of joining. I am not talking about the typical "Get your free Ebook" here either! I am talking about serious product developers with huge names online, "giving back" with their own software, tools, scripts, and plans.

    An old saying comes to mind.... "Don't knock it til you've tried it"

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeeOne View Post
    I think people would not mind paying for any thing as far as it is worth and getting value for it.


    Completely agree with you. Personally, i knew that warrior forum worth that price. One day when i have paid $20 to offer a service, i got an $200 order from there so i am 100% sure that warrior forum worth. I am not saying from one order. I have earned good money from that forum.

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    frist thy charge 36$ for warrier room memebr then 20 for new thread

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    I am a member from quite a long time ago. After reading this thread am thinkin about revisiting and maybe parting with $. hmm >

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