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Thread: English speaking forum about Poland

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    English speaking forum about Poland

    Website Name: All Things Polish
    Website link: All Things Polish - Index
    Description: Forum for everyone interested in Polish language, history,
    culture and everything related to Poland and Poles.

    We are a relatively new (started 6 months ago) forum, but we already
    have 400 members and 15000 messages. We would like to wholeheartedly
    invite everyone interested in Poland and all things Polish to join our board.

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    after entering the captcha it shows OK OK OK ur ip is unblocked, try withing one minute. Now when I try again then it does not goes to the site.

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    I just signed up. I didn't have any problems.

    Żadne kwestie.
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    Yes, it is created on smf, it is looking good to me, lots of posts there.

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