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Thread: Forum signature files

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    From my experience, the only visitors that I seemed to attract from DP were hackers and content thieves.

    I have to agree with dawg about the signature links. We have tested this extensively and the only value we saw with signature links is from forums that focused on a similar topic as the site being linked to. We saw no positive ranking effect whatsoever from links from unrelated forums. I am sure that opinions will vary on this topic.

    The only value that most forum links may have is from the occasional traffic that they drive.
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    Forum posting helps in two ways first if you have a signature in do follow forum, that will count as a backlink and helps in improving your site keywords ranking, 2nd forums are good way of getting traffic but if you post in relevant forums.

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    The click through rate should also be higher when the signature matches the forum niche. I'd also guess the the traffic will be more targeted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post
    (now, it is time for some naive newbie to come in here and say signature links are the greatest thing on the internet!)
    I guess this will be me, might as well!

    Forum signatures are my favorite means of link building, and it most-definately does help generate traffic and increase online exposure of your site. But its not just the signature links that interest me about forums, I actually enjoy engaging in conversation, responding to threads and creating them. This makes interacting within a forum entertaining; well for me anyways.

    Quote Originally Posted by eBiz ROI View Post
    Bear in mind that your accompanying post should add some value, otherwise the amount of traffic driven will be otherwise limited
    I always try to write quality post, and give thorough insight if I am responding to someone's thread. This truly does make your entire post stand out.

    The signature at the end of every post that you make is just an added bonus!

    Much Thanks,


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    Forum signatures bring backlinks and more traffic to my site. In forums content is updated frequent so links seem to be natural

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    Yes, forum signature is helpful for many reason, the first thing is it is helpful for building links and other thing is it can give targeted traffic to your site directly.

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