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Thread: Forum Signature Links Vs Blog links

  1. I am not sure which one of them is more effective, but as far as I am concerned I do prefer forum signature links.

    I am planning of creating a blog and to try out the blog links to.

    I will let you know about the results of it.

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    I prefer using blog links than forum links.
    Forum links cost a lot of time everyday for posting.
    While in blog, you will just need to visit your blog everyday fo the update.
    But, for me you can get a lot of traffic in forum links if you have a good forum with many members.

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    I asked this question basically because i do SEO services(mainly providing backlinks) and i get paid around 20-30 cents per post in a forum having the same niche as the website whose link i post with in the signature.
    But people asking me to post on blogs offer much more i.e. sometimes even $1+ per link... :\
    In the end, its just google who knows the secrets as access to its algorithms is far far away from our reach..

  4. Quote Originally Posted by KMRock View Post
    It does if the links are regular on a PR ranking page
    May I know what is a PR ranking page?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HelenaA View Post
    May I know what is a PR ranking page?
    lol...There's no such thing, 'Page Rank ranking Page'(try saying it 10 times quickly) .

  6. I think the blog links won't generate traffic the way a forum does. there is more activity on a forum. Often bloglinks get buried in hundreds of other links once people discover that the can leave a link there.

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    I think links from Blog are more valuable than Forum Links. The reason being the blogs with good PR would always moderate the comments and hence, spamming is less. With forum, anyone can post any silly thing and get a backlink.

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    Well, from mine experience or should I say from reading similar answers on this question, Blog links are slightly better than the Forum links, because of the quality of juice extracted from them, and my thinking is that if niche is more close to the content of your site the better and faster you're ranking will improve, so basically all comes to the one thing-quality content both on your site and on Blogs or Forum you're posting on. The more quality Blog/Forum site is (and close/similar to the content of your site) the better juice you will get, and from a point of a SEO worker, if you sometimes get paid even $1 for a single link on Blog, than you shouldn't think twice since that is far more better than a posting a link in signature on forum, so maybe you should try it.

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    Forums that allows forum sig has lots of outbound links. And that's naturally makes the links from signature links only carry little or no weights in backlink.

    It is better to do blog commenting for link building, imo.

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    I think forum signature links are very helpful cause there is a huge possibilities to have a lot of inbound links from forum signature links. And you can also get fresh unique contents from forums.

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