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Thread: Are forums going to go no-follow?

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    Are forums going to go no-follow?

    I'm pretty sure I read it here a few months ago, but now I can't find it.
    Someone (maybe Will.Spencer?) made a statement that forums would be going no-follow by default in the future - I'm thinking like wordpress decided to go no-follow by default.
    I think there are two or three big forum software providers, so I don't know if this was one or more or all...
    Anyway, I'm not asking for guesses or opinions, or what they should or shouldn't do...
    I'm just wondering if anyone has read or heard about any plans for future versions and upgrades of forum XYZ software to be no-follow by default? Thanks.

    CLARIFICATION: Some posters below are answering whether or not individual forum websites will decide to change to no follow. That isn't my question...
    Let me clarify my question...
    Are the forum software makers going to make future versions of forum software have their links be no-follow by default, and website owners and admins needs to know how to and decide to change the to follow if they want them to be follow? I'm thinking like what wordpress and other blogging software decided to do... comments are no-follow by default unless the blogger changes the set-up, and very few blogs do change the default settings.
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