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Thread: Are forums going to go no-follow?

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    It's getting tougher and tougher to get links - I see this activity as going the way of the Dodo very soon - too much spamming. I concentrate on passing on information.

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    Most links are no longer good links as far as Google is concerned. Spamming forums with links to unrelated sites will only hurt your sites, not help them.
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    I found that forums links are not so good, except when I used a technique for many years that worked pretty well.

    You find a interesting subjects and post unique quality comments, the thread will rank well in search engines which will expose your site signature link. You can generate traffic and sales like this. When you've got tens of thousands of posts, you are getting a decent exposure for free.

    Now these days, we don't know what search engines take into consideration, they are changing the rules everyday.
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    Forum signature links and profile links are also the source of backlinks and it is true that the thread in the forum sites is ranking on the SE not your signature link it will only generate traffic if there are targeted visitors. For me it doesn't matter to me now if it is no follow or do follow link the signature is.

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