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Thread: High PR Do follow Forum List

  1. someone needs to update this list obviously. it was posted in 2009.

  2. Big problem here - the list is down. If someone has the list saved somewhere please send it to me! I spent the last year developing momentum to sell my special motor and I need lists like this bigtime. Ok thanks! Btw I have 5 friends who enjoy random conversations on the internet helping me make comments which include links, are there other lists like this out there ? They would save so much time.
    I work on EZ Motorbike kits, and I am the world's largest distributor. I have 12 other sales websites, and I have a computer repair business, lawncare business, and car painting business in several cities each.

  3. I need lists like this bigtime
    Some of these lists can be a helpful starting point, but keep in mind that Google may be treating "nofollow" differently than they did in the past. I'm seeing evidence that they're even ignoring it in some cases.
    Need links? Try AuthorLinks where you can buy or sell links based on Authorship and Klout score. Check out my blog or like me on Facebook.

  4. That is huge news! Extremely huge news. Indeed. What cases can you name where this has happened? For instance, if they are ignoring it in cases, then still probably enforcing it on, etc? Can you give me anything I can use to piece together a picture of the circumstances under which they ignore it now?

    If what you say is true, they probably got to the point where they figured it couldnt possibly be irrelevant if its on a no-follow, using reverse phsychology, (i hate the word psychology, sorry), I kinda wanna run some test sites, put them up, age them in a couple months, and run them with genre specific only no-follows vs general do-follows, and see if the no-follows site wins, given the same domain name and and the same exact page loading. I will post results here upon completion.

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    thanks for the links. this is very help for me seo like me thanks a lot. muawh

  6. Anyone could post me that list on mail beacuse link doesn't work on first page. tx

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    Its showing "ERROR 404 - PAGE NOT FOUND". I think the list page has been removed for some reason?

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    Quote Originally Posted by indiamaphosting View Post
    Its showing "ERROR 404 - PAGE NOT FOUND". I think the list page has been removed for some reason?
    I think because it was posted some time ago
    Any man who hates dogs and babies can't be all bad.

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    Good one. But, need to evaluate to current standards.

  10. The link to the list isn't working.
    A forum with do follow signature links. As long as you don't spam the forums with junk you can post do follow links in your signature on the Cdeezgames Forums PR2. You can add that to the list when it's back up.

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