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Thread: How to increase traffic in forum posting?

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    In my opinion if we want to increase traffic then we should choose current topic that people want to visit and after that we can attached our link, its totally depend on our art.
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    I agree that forum is a good place to converse, connect and share new things like strategies and other resources. It is also essential for driving traffic as well especially if you have a site that you are maintaining or you want to make it's PR higher.

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    If you want to increase traffic on forums like these, you must first prove that you are a trustworthy person by helping other people with their problems and interacting properly rather than spamming. Also try to increase your post count by being active on the forums that you have joined. I'm new here but I am planning to stay for good in order to help you out.
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    You have to post quality content to get noticed by other members(they will become curious about your background and they'll visit links in your signature).
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    You not only get human traffic but also you get google crawler because forums get always updated.

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    The format of forums also allows opportunities for you to obtain valuable back links, list building capabilities, as well as establish you as an authority in your niche. If you invest time and honest effort you can become the "Go To" person in your forum.

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    The main benefit of forum signatures is the boost it gives to your SERPs. The click rate of people actually clicking your links on the forums will be much lower, and almost non-existent if your links are unrelated to the forum.

    Of course there are some people that get a substantial amount of direct traffic via signature links, but the vast majority of people probably only get a SERP boost out of it.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by forumer147 View Post
    I wonder if we can increase traffic of our site through forum posting? How are we going to do this and what are we going to do in order to gain traffic through forum posting to our site?
    Try to build relationships with the people in the forums and become an expert in your niche by helping others. Eventually, people will notice you and be curious to click to your website.

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    Actually lots of people are doing this and are generating good number of traffics from forums. you can promote your site by giving ads or banner on the forums by donating or paying the forums and you can promote the link keeping it in your signature; But be careful about the rules so that you do not spam forums.

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