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Thread: How to increase traffic in forum posting?

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    By getting backlinks from quality and relevant forums, you can increase your link credibility, which in turn will help you to have high search engine rankings

  2. Forums helps in two ways, first if you post in relevant forums related to your website than they really helps in getting good traffic, 2nd do follow forums are good for improving rank on search engine.

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    One can get 100 links from one post and also can get 1 link from one post. Just need is to provide meaningful content in your forum post and to be continuous in the discussion of any topic. And try to give solution of any topic so that people attract to you and you can get more clicks though the forum and these clicks will be helpful to get traffic to the site.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by forumer147 View Post
    I wonder if we can increase traffic of our site through forum posting? How are we going to do this and what are we going to do in order to gain traffic through forum posting to our site?
    yes we can increase traffic to our site by joining many forum and contributing value post

  5. Yes, I am agree with some comment about forums posting to drive huge trafics for your site. But remember, just post with quality, and looking for forums that have huge number of member.

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    you can increase traffic by forum posting as follows : -

    give the link only one time or two time on any site .

    and do three posting with out link;

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonssmith5 View Post
    you can increase traffic by forum posting as follows : -

    give the link only one time or two time on any site .

    and do three posting with out link;
    So you say, SPAM FORUMS?

    That will not increase traffic, but instead get you banned.

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    You can post the comments in relevant category. When admin finds you a trustworthy for the sites, he will confirm you and provide a chance to put signature on his sites. And other users will come on your sites through that signature. Thus your traffic will increase through forum posting.

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    I my self get most of my traffic for one of my websites from forums, simply by providing the needs in those forums, engage and contribute positively. For sure you'll get targeted traffic, otherwise don't even try...

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    Every single quality post counts in increasing your traffic.People will like your post and you will see that in the traffic of your website

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