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Thread: How to increase traffic in forum posting?

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  1. How to increase traffic in forum posting?

    I wonder if we can increase traffic of our site through forum posting? How are we going to do this and what are we going to do in order to gain traffic through forum posting to our site?

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    Traffic can be obtained through forum posts if we made made comments of high quality which other members like and ultimately click on our links....

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    High quality forum posts will appear in the Google search results. The posts and as a consequence the signature link will benefit from the organic traffic coming from outside the search results. Its always an added benefit that the members like your posts and decide to visit your signature.

  4. well signature is always a good source of some traffic but maybe if you write a useful article and link to your site/blog you could get some more trafic

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    First of all the link should be posted along in a quality reply. If the comment is bad-worded, so will the link probably be. Another thing you should keep in mind that you first need to build some reputation online before you can post links -- it helps to get some people actually clicking your link

    So to get traffic from links posted on forums, just make sure the link is in the same niche or is somehow related to the thread and ofcourse don't post it on a dead blog, you might have a little SEO benefit, but apart from that, from a dead place you won't get many visitors
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    Quote Originally Posted by forumer147 View Post
    I wonder if we can increase traffic of our site through forum posting? How are we going to do this and what are we going to do in order to gain traffic through forum posting to our site?

    In my case I found out that it is good right when you first join a new forum. People check out the new person to see who they are and what they run. After awhile it drops off. Some places hold steady and you keep seeing people from your sig links. Why this works at some forums and not at others I do not know.

    Some people say it is if you leave good comments and post. I don't really know if that is true or not. Reason is this I feel I leave same type of comments at all forums. But some I never see traffic from at all.

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    I've been here at NetBuilders since January of 2009.

    It's where I do all of my business - I don't really utilize any other forums. Even after all this time, I still manage to get a significant number of visitors from my signature and the various links I drop in conversation here. Never join a forum if you just want to promote your site. Join it to learn and to teach, and the traffic will come naturally. For example, this community offers a ton of great advice, friendly people that you can form relationships with, and an opportunity to conduct some lucrative business on a regular basis. It's a great place to stay and grow, and when you help the community, they help you. Traffic included.

  8. Agree with you on this one,forums are great if you want to learn but also contribute,then you can even get some nice traffic for your sites,but that not being the most important thing,you can also learn new,useful things,and improve your business that way.
    Nobody likes spammers,and you wont get quality traffic if you spam around

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    I never see a huge amount of traffic from forums - mainly a few visitors a day. I'm not to fussed as I prefer to use forums to connect with people
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    We can connect people without wire if we use good forums post sites like digital point, net builders etc.

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