I have heard that some people have gotten on page 1 for a certain keyword using just sig links.

This question has a few parts please help as best you can.

How do you determine the number of links needed for a single keyword to reach page one?

Next once you have that number what is the best way to split it up? (Example is 1000 sig links from the same forum just as good as 100 sig links at 10 different forums or would 100 sig links from 10 different forums be better?)

Do the number of sig links a person has make a difference? (We can use 4 here but if I just used 1 would that one get more weight then using 4?)

Do sig links that are old still count for anything? (Meaning if you no longer post a certain forum and your post are over 2 years old do they have any value?)

Anything that you can give me about sig link would be helpful.

Thanks in Advance