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Thread: Thoughts on Forum participation

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  1. Thoughts on Forum participation

    Participating online discussion forums can be used to drive lots of traffic to my websites.

    I am spending 2 hours daily forum posting on a number of niche forums (this one is my favorite)

    Can you describe your experience in forum posting?
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    Its fun and the best part about it is that i drives direct as well as indirect traffic to your website.
    For those who love to post, marketing is not at all a problem.

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    Forum participation is best way to get traffic and lots of knowledge as well.
    I love forum posting, it is really fun.

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    I find that I do get some traffic to my signature in many of the forums but the best traffic comes once people get to know you. As they see that you actually know something about the niche and like your style, they'll click through more often than they would a random stranger. I love forum marketing but my goal is more to network with others and build relationships. If sales come it's more like a bonus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TinaGolden View Post
    I love forum marketing but my goal is more to network with others and build relationships. If sales come it's more like a bonus.
    well said, i started looking into forum posting because i heard it helps for seo but i ended up really enjoying participating and ive learned soooo much from browsing through them

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    Forum participation can also increase your knowledge so it is really good thing, there is no doubt of this really.

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    I enjoy participating in relevant forum threads. It's fun and informative as well. Forum is a platform where ideas are being shared and views being exchanged. It is also a nice place to make a good network.

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    There is a forum out there which I do participate in which is somewhat related to my site. I didn't get any traffic from it for the longest. Then about a week ago I shared something that people were interested in. All of the sudden I get something like 30 hits a day from it. Not a whole lot, but it does show me that the right participation in a forum CAN work.
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