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Thread: Benifits of Being a Freelancer

  1. Freelancing sure has some awesome benefits (and disadvantages as discussed in the other thread!):

    Be your own boss. No one to keep nudging and irritating you. You do what you like.
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    Wake up when you want.

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    You keep 100% of the earnings that you make.

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    Working and learning same time, establishing your reputation which gives you more clients, better/more valuable projects.

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    the benefits of freelancing is that you have your own time, YOU're the BOSS, you don't need to travel to go to the office and the pay is much better.

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    You can work or rest at any time you want, and also work as hard as you wish.

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    You can work on your couch with a wireless connection! My previous part-time gig to make money was out of the house from 01-0500 in the morning...painful!!!

  8. You can earn money in the vicinity of your home. You can also work anytime you like and you can have your time ..You are free to work anytime you like and whenever your able to do so

  9. More knowledge and experience are just two of the advantages I get while doing freelance works.

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    Benifits sounds great...I want to be a freelancer lol

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