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    Challenging Jobs

    Do you take on a job that is maybe one step above your current skill level? If you don't keep moving forward, you'll never discover how to do new things. I find that working with clients often challenges my skills and helps me to develop my style. What do you guys think?

    Do you take on challenging jobs?

  2. I sometimes take challenging jobs...It depends on whether i know it or can learn it while doing the job
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  3. Challenging jobs are always welcome for me! But if I know that even with some hard work I just cannot do a project, I don't accept such jobs. As not only will I waste my client's time but also mine.
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    I am only new to freelancing, so I take the easier jobs first up.

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    Challenging jobs are the ones that make you improve. So i take them often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse View Post
    Challenging jobs are the ones that make you improve. So i take them often.
    I agree with you, I once got a programming job and I really don't know how to do it, its a new language for me even though I've been doing computer programs in years but this one is different but still I took the job. The job provider gave me 1 month to finish the job. After 2 days it turns out that I can't do it. I've read books and study for one week after that I found out that it was easy... I have delivered the work on time.

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    If I know I can work and do it, yes. I always love challenges and mostly accept them.

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