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Thread: Do You Want To Freelance?

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    i agree with corey on this point

    i don't do much of freelancing but usually for the first project i get from clients it's like just a 20-30 minutes work so i don't mind doing it for free (it builds up a trust factor), then when they give me a slight bigger project i do it on a discount rate that doesn't harm any of us and for further work normal charges apply but that doesn't mean that the charges shud be high-flying. as long as you will keep your prices reasonable and well-matched for your work you will keep attracting customers

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoreyFreeman View Post
    I have to strongly disagree with what you've said.

    If the only way for you to be competitive is to offer your services for cheap - you're not good enough. No offense to anyone, but in the internet market, I've found that "non-price" competition ranks well above priced competition.

    If you can deliver articles in 24 hours with perfect grammar, interesting style, and a smile on your face, somebody will pay you $20 for it. The best part? That somebody will refer you to somebody else who will also pay you $20 and give you regular work so you build an income stream.

    Instead of being cheap - offer a one-time discount

    Offering a discount to new customers is an alternative to being cheaper. I personally offer a 50% discount for new clients to give them a sample of my work and still get paid. So if they want a one-time deal, they get it cheap, and if they want to consider repeat work, they don't waste cash.

    Even if you're new, having the ability to offer a discount makes you look much more professional than pricing yourself at say, $0.004 per word or $10 for a logo design. Who would you want to buy a service from? The guy who writes 1,000 words for a dollar and returns it to you a week later with crappy grammar, or the $10 guy who writes 800 words of information-packed, well written, unique content optimized for search engines?

    Just sayin'
    Thanks, this gives me a good perspective to get on started freelancing as a web developer. I have been quite unsure of how much should I demand for my services..your tip here is going to be a big help

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    you may take a lot of benefits by doing freelance work. Doing freelancing do have some benefits if we compare it to working in organization. you are excellent in skills and intelligent. You are all in all in freelancing. I usually do work with my friends and we are having greater benefits in a planned freelancing. As per my experience you should be well-experienced in work and intelligent, for earning a revenue. As you have to constantly look for work and do the existing tasks along that. My choice is freelancing!!

    The point is what ever you do, should be well-planned for taking exact advantage. I am expert web-designer and developer and i am always looking for jobs. If you have a task for me then i be happy to discuss with you. Just PM me.

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