Everyone has a skill that he or she is good at.
It could be designing fantastic graphics, writing
amazing salescopy, building up webapges in
double quick time, and so on.

You will also need to confirm if the company
requires you to drop by their office and do the
project there and then or work from the comfort
of your own home. Of course if your client is
in Singapore but you work from USA the Internet
would be the best place of work.

Now here's a tip - It's no secret that the market
currently is very competitive and it won't be a
walk in the park. However there are many ways
which you can still have an edge over your
competitors- and that is to offer your services

Sure you will take home less cash at first, but
as you build your portfolio and companies in
your market sit up and take notice, you will be
able to increase the price slowly.

Always remember that no one learns to run
first then to walk, its the other way around.
You may not earn tonnes of cash yet but
patience is always the key to building up
a steady source of income.