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Thread: Full Time or Part Time?

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    Full Time or Part Time?

    Do you freelance full-time or part-time? Are you thinking about switching between one or the other?

    I currently freelance part-time as I also have schoolwork and other commitments to worry about.

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    I also have schoolwork and other commitments to worry about.
    Same here. I freelance part-time because of that.

  3. I actually don't count my hours, but I would say I am most certainly full-time.
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    I am freelance not full time. I also studying and working different works.

  5. I am part time freelancer and for my daily living and home expenditures I do stock trading 5 days a week .

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    I wish its full time (8 hours) every day. Somethimes it is, when there is lot of work.
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    I don't think it matters as long as you have enough time management skills. It could also depend on how 'heavy' the project is.

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    Below part time really.... I try and make money off of freelancing for a few hours a week.
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    I do it part-time. I am thinking of doing it full time

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    I worked for around 2 years but grew tired of nine to six job. So here I am, freelancing full time since January 2009.

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