I can speak from personal experience, about taking a break and then getting back into the swing of things. Breaks can be good for your brain, as well as your fingers, when it comes to freelancing. If you need them, take them, but keep in mind things may start off rusty.

The first step to getting back into things is knowing what your goals are. If you have been away from strenuous freelance gigs for say, two months, then things will have changed. This type business moves quickly. You need to reset your financial goals, as well as your personal progress goals. Do you want to earn a few hundred extra each month? How will you accomplish that?

Next, don't dive in full force. You don't want to overload yourself. Take it easy for about a week or two to get used to anything new. Overloading at the beginning will only lead to burnout. That is NEVER a good thing for a freelance writer.

You will also need to make new business contacts or look for new people. It isn't hard to find new clients in the freelance world, but you must be willing to put in effort. Show them that you can provide something interesting, and not just another article. If the client is one of those that does want "just another article" do your extreme best anyway. Don't slack just because the client actually wants that kind of writing. This will make you a valuable resource to them.

After coming back from a break you will be refreshed and energized for another couple of months of heavy writing. If you spent your time "off" wisely you should have gained more experience in your favorite topics, and learned a few new things too.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.