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Thread: How to persuade the contractor on right price for website work?

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    How to persuade the contractor on right price for website work?


    Most you people are involved directly or indirectly in freelancing work. I usually encounter a situation where clients post the work for a fixed budget and later on the the requirements are changed and still they are willing to pay the same price as we did agree before and they demand the new change requirements must be implemented in the same budget.

    Can you define the steps to avoid this situation or explain what you did if you have faced this situation?

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    This is a common issue with doing contract work. You should be sure to get a complete requirements outline before the project starts. Tell them specifically that any work outside of the requirements get billed at an hourly rate, or a set price per modification or something.

    My day job is in the marketing industry, and we do a lot of work that turns out like this. All our clients know they wont get it for free, and they're billed at our standard rate for an additional work.
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    yes, this is helpful. SRS can prevent us from the similar problems. The issue with SRS is that you need to be expert in estimation and designing outline for project. A professional SRS writer will be more favourable to write the correct SRS.

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