Here's one if you don't subscribe to the eZines newsletter(s) and are stuck for ideas for your own blogs, spin some of your longer/older forum posts into blog articles.

Not too hard to do, and even if you've written something very similar before, change the title, start the writing from scratch based on the forum post, and heck even link to the older, related article.

You need to rewrite either the forum post or older content to avoid duplicate content penalties, but if you're stuck could be just the thing to help you get some content out.

If you look at some of the very large/> 5 million unique visitors a month content sites out there, a commonality is the large number of very closely related, yet differently titled and worded articles on those sites on the same/similar topics.

If you don't have a blog which is appropriate to use, use your Netbuilders blog (second menu option from the top left next to User CP). That's on my list of things to do by summer, its free (unlike Warrior Forum), but you need to be careful to put quality content up vice spam...

Cheers and Happy Sunday,