As you can tell from my post count (this post makes 3!) I'm new here (even though I signed up months ago).

I figured I'd post this here in a community of freelancers because I, too, am a freelancer and my well of work has run dry. So dry it makes the Sahara look like the Pacific.

So I thought I would put it to you. I have a website, it has samples, testimonials, etc. I've been applying for jobs left and right and am offering an extremely low (for me) rate on my work in a couple of other forums and still: nothing.

What am I doing wrong? What am I doing right? Where should I improve? Feel free to visit my website, it is linked in my signature, and rip it apart with suggestions for how to make it better.

At this point I'll take all of the advice I can get! Besides, we're trying to build a community here right? Where else can you go for "wow that sucks, but here let me help you" than a community of freelancers who have all either been there already or are still there now?