So many people nowdays are "freelancers." However, with so many people taking on independent work, it's become the accepted conclusion that freelancing isn't that profitable, or that it's not long-term work, etc. etc. This is WRONG.

The "real" freelancers are people who do work for companies, businesses, and other clients that will need work on a regular basis. They have contracts with clients, and they make a decent living out of it. My mother is a freelancer and she hasn't been thrown out of her home.

"Freelancing" does not mean $20 logo design or $50 web design. Freelancing means working with a client for hours and charging xx/hour or xxx-xxxx/project. It means having quotes and pricing yourself to your needs, not to undercut the amateurs on Digital Point.

So are you a REAL freelancer, or are you someone who does small website design part time? What do you think defines a 'professional freelance designer' from the everyday student who just wants $30 for a pizza. Share your opinions.