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Thread: Show Off Your Portfolio(s)

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    Show Off Your Portfolio(s)

    Show off your design, coding, writing, etc. portfolio in this thread. Feel free to promote multiple portfolios. Don't post them twice, tho, okay?

    My freelance writing portfolio:
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    Dude, either something is up with my connection or your portfolio is down.
    My Awesome Signature is awesome...

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    Quote Originally Posted by A12Alex View Post
    Dude, either something is up with my connection or your portfolio is down.
    I started a new site and forgot to change the link in this thread.

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    See NuWiz Web Design Solutions
    I have sold some sites and some are down because their owners couldnt manage to run them for long but i still have the backup of design/code and all of all the sites mentioned in that portfolio page to make once again if required by anybody here.

    Hopefully i would get some appreciation if not any work for those sites in my portfolio as my charges are pretty high xD.

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    Decent Banners -

    This is my banner designs portfolio

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    WordPress design and coding

    ps. other (Artwork- logos/banners, and My partners porfolio- web design only) are my girlfriends.
    ZDN Computers
    Flash, SEO, (x)HTML/CSS/PHP, E-commerce (OS Commerce/CubeCart), Photoshop, jQuery, Joomla!, WordPress, Ebay, Magento, Mambo, Video/Audio services, AJAX, Content writing, Web hosting, Branding, Online Marketing and more.

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