Now although freelancing is a great way of
earning great income, as with all things there
are pitfalls you need to be mindful of.

These issues i'm about to bring up may sound
like things you've encountered in your work-
place before, but be warned that they can cause
you untold problems and unnecessary stress.

Challenge #1 - The vague request. The customer
tells you to write a couple of articles for him
in a general topic, say stress. Now, there are
tonnes of things you can write about, but
thanks to the fact that he wasn't specific, you
end up writing loads of stress-related articles
for him, and he ends up throwing half of them
into the bin! Wouldn't it have been better if
you made sure he was more specific about
his requests first?

Challenge #2 - Payment. We all know that
there are nice customers and there are customers
from the pit of hell. Imagine not getting paid
after loads of time and effort put in a project.
Tip: Try using an external e-commerce service.
The gentleman's agreement is nice but may
not work in the real world.

Challenge #3 - Project workload. You may
attempt to take on almost every project you can
get your hands on, but it's not a good idea. In
fact, you'll be hard pressed for time, delay other
clients and everyone is extremely unhappy.
Create a sort of schedule system and be prepared
to reject 1 or 2 projects. After all, your reputation
is at stake and if you can't finish your work or
make a mess out of it, news will travel fast.

At the end of the day, be streetwise in your dealings,
because not every situation is gonna be a nice one.