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Thread: Time Spent Freelancing Daily

  1. I spend 5 hours ( some for freelancing and some to promote my own site). I have a day job too

  2. I spent a lot of time now since I am a full time freelancer but this might be changed next year ..

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    8-12 hours from Monday Through Friday (Weekends are always off, take time to enjoy free time with family and friends)

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    My average should be 1 hours only. But when I work I usually work around 5 hours.

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    5 - 6 hours daily, 1 hour in week ends..

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    It's completely depends on my clients’ time zone... I used to get online when they need me or I need them...
    Though I sooner get bore but still try to finish my work asap.. It’s really boring man

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    I am involve online websites development and service solutions to clients. My job is little different as compare to the article writers, as we need to have constant interaction with the clients. Well, freelancing jobs are up to you, you may spent 24 hrz and as little as 10 mins for uploading the work and sending just one email.

    I am working 10-12 hours daily...

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