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Thread: Time Spent Freelancing Daily

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    We have many freelancers aboard so I was wondering how much time do you'll spend freelancing daily?

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    I generally spend a couple of hours in the morning doing client work, then the rest of the day is devout to promotion, blogging, surfing, whatever. You can minimize your turn-around time if you're productive enough.

  3. It is a mixed combination . When my customer send me mail or ping me on IM then I start working for them or otherwise I keep building my blogs and websites . Forums are also good place to make money , so I spend 3+ hours daily on forum posting too .

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    Not every day is the same and it depends how many projects I have on the go at any one time, I tend to work an hour-hour and a half and then take twenty minute break, on busy days I will do this right through the day and evening except for lunch and dinner.

    One day a week I supervise a couple of postgrad students and occasionally I spend time working on freelance research projects and reports. Try to spend some of my short breaks networking etc.

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    2-5 hrs daily

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    I spend an hour everyday.

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    6-7 hours every day. About 2-3 on Sunday.
    (yes, im full time freelancer)
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    I am a telecom engineer and do SEO freelancing since I love SEO and want to learn it more so that one day I could open my own company.
    I have only one client who is paying really good and need 5hrs daily. During day whenever I get time from my regular job I work for him and in the late nights I continuously work for him.
    It was kinda hectic but I am enjoying it.

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    I easily get bored by doing freelance work, but I try to finish what I started. I do not do freelance work on a daily basis, just because I get bored of it. However, at the beginning of each week (usually on Mondays), I write up a small list of "to do work". The list usually lists things like article writing, data entry and such.

    Recently, in the past week or so, I find myself wasting so much time doing nothing. I really mean NOTHING! Yesterday, I spent four straight hours on Youtube . Whenever I start to do some link building work for my sites, I get dead tired and just feel like sleeping.

    I have no idea what is going on, but I need to start being more productive. Maybe I should get an offline job, it could help me.

    Anyways, back to the question the OP asked; I spend about 6 or 7 hours per week doing freelance work.

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    I spent about 3 hrs daily freelancing. Mostly at night though since I have a day job.

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