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Thread: What do you do when this happens?

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    Exclamation What do you do when this happens?


    I recently wrote some articles.

    The guy said that he will pay on completion.

    I sent the articles and he has never replied.

    I googled them but that have not yet been posted i guess as there are no results.

    But when he does post them what do i do?


  2. I have never dealt with such a situation so I am not the best person to answer this but all I can say is learn from this experience. Next time take the payment first.
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  3. I always take half of the payment up front or I wont do the work...You could of applied a license with it then if he was to use it you could take actions..
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    It's a bad experience. Just learn from it.

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    That's pretty harsh. Half up front seems like a good idea.
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    Thing One : The guy must have given you the name of his website. Go to type the website name there and you will get all his information (whois). Call him on his phone number and see if it works.

    Thing Two : Be careful from the next time. Half payment in upfront, half before article delivery.

    Third Thing : If you are a good article writer, get in touch with me, I need some articles :P

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    The only thing I can say is mail that guy and tell him not to use the articles if is not going to pay.

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    Thanks for the responses guys, especially Shardul.

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    Did you find him on a forum? Then you can give a -ive iTrader.

  10. I hate that when the people don't pay. I am always hesitate when I do work like this. I used to be doing a lot of that type of work, and then after I got scammed, I decided that I would just not do it anymore.

    Why would the person wanting to get the article done want to pay upfront? How will they know you will write the article?

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