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Thread: when to charge for wordpress plugin

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    when to charge for wordpress plugin

    Hi All,

    i am a small time wordpress plugin author and currently all my plugins are in open source free soft arena having no cost.

    but i am thinking of going for developing some plugin which i can monetize on.

    can any one suggest is my way correct or i should continue free plugin dev and move on to find some other source of earning.

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    Make a you own portal to share info about wordpress and plugingns..

    Provide free plugins and write there articles about wordpress. the you can make money by
    + Getting donation
    + paid service { when you get repuation people will start truting you and you can earn by selling your service like paid customization, wordpress blog maintanence etc. etc.
    + Advertisement on your blog..

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    You can sell WordPress plugins as long as:

    1. There is a real need for the plugin and it does something very useful.

    2. There isn't any competition with a free plugin.

    3. The plugin is reasonably priced, such as $20 or $30 for a multi-site license. If the plugin helps to generate revenue (such as phpBay Pro or a shopping cart) you can charge much more.

    It can be hard to find a plugin solution that fulfills all three.

    I also like jakki's ideas, although I suspect that donations are not easy to extract from most web users.
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    Another idea you might want to try is to post an ad in the BST area. That you do wordpress plug in work. I know I would like to have a few made or fixed for my needs, just like the one you did for me here.

    If you decide to do that PM I have a few more I would like, that I would be happy to pay for.

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    Promote the addon and write articles, press-release for the exciting features and do provide the basic features free of cost and redirect the page for the advance features to the payment page.

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