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Thread: Your #1 Tip for Freelancing?

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    that's some great tips...mine would be always take a deposit for big projects before starting it. It serves as a leverage for both parties. If one cannot commit, then, you can find other clients that needs your service.

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    Don't do work for friends and family - ever!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Hrvoje View Post
    Don't do work for friends and family - ever!
    I can go with friends but NEVER family. Some guys really take advantage of you even if they are horribly distant relatives.
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    Real life tips, some of them i experienced already. Mine is:

    -Always inform your employer if you are planning to be off for some days or if there's a problem or any reason that is preventing you from finishing your work.

    The best way to be hired is to be Trusted and of course quality = $.


  5. ah really useful tips. You should overrate yourself always.
    Nowadays with so many freelancers out there , its better if you can get all job offers. The work would be slower , but its better than looking for weeks for new project after finishing yours..

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    Price yourself as per you think you are worth.

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    Remember, you are NOT employed by the client. You work with them on YOUR terms of service. Of course, you should provide the best customer service.

  8. Mine would be: Seek additional work with current clients more than acquiring new clients.

    It's far less work and money to expand an existing client relationship than to create a new one.

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    Keep track of multiple projects either in a software program or in a moleskine.
    Learn to research quickly and to type faster.
    Vary tasks throughout the day

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    My one tip is: Communication, always keep your clients well informed of your progress, never let a clients questions go unanswered and always keep a open line to your clients concerns.

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