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Thread: Your #1 Tip for Freelancing?

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    Don't spend so much time on others that you lose time for yourself.

    Take breaks, your brain needs rest the same way your body does.

    Exercise before you start writing for 10 minutes. It boosts blood circulation and keeps you energized.

    Ok, so that was three.

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    ALways offer whereyou are best at. Some people offer something where in fact they have little knowledge about it.

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    send all details truly before making any deal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jakki View Post
    send all details truly before making any deal.
    This is a great tip for clients especially. I have a lot of writing jobs and when I submit the final article, clients want structural/formatting changes. Just send a list of what you want and I'll make it happen.

    Sometimes unclear instructions make things so complicated.

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    My tip: Customer Unhappy is Customer Lost forever.
    So try to retain your existing clients and don't waste time and effort on hunting and building new business relationships. I am focusing more on this.
    I follow the under stated:
    According to Pareto Principle of 80:20 - 80% of your revenue should be coming from 20% of your clients..Its saves time and effort.. This is true for freelancing also.

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    I must say , deeply understand the requirements and deadline. If you can go for SRS document this will protect you from future misunderstandings about a topic. People, usually accept every work from client, and while they work on then they realize this was a wrong decision. This is waste time of yours and for other person.

    The client will not be happy and for sure he is not going to work with you in future. Client him self is not clear about requirements, you need proper meetings to discuss the requirements and you both parties should agree on same page.

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    My #1 tip would be to enjoy what you do.
    This is your chance to "be your own boss", you better really enjoy what you're doing or you may be wasting your time.
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    Some tips I could give you regarding "online freelancing"

    1) Always use RSS to subscribe to the channels on the sites you want to get the jobs (,,, etc), if you dont how, just learn it
    2) The fastest you reply the client, the more chances you have to be awarded by him (pay a data plan on your cell phone and use a smartphone if you can, if you are starting or have no money, just check out the emails and RSS several times a day using your PC)
    3) Set up a good looking portfolio (on the site you are looking for jobs and out of there you have a personal website with your portfolio? great)
    4) Set up the price you consider fair (per hour and per job). If your price per hour is 10$ and you could take 10 hours to finish a job, set the price at $100 or bit less...
    5) Choose the best websites....(,,, etc)
    6) Complete your job meeting deadlines
    7) Keep a good communication with your client
    8) A bit of good luck


    PS: I was an online full time freelancer for over a year (writing articles and translating...)

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    Mine for now

    Don't take too much breaks. it's hard to restart the whole thing

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    My freelancing tip:
    #Reply first to your employers (this is 1-15 minutes after they sent you a message)
    #Keep learning more from your duty
    #Use the best freelancers websites (elance, odesk and
    #Use RSS to get the jobs streaming information
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