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Thread: Your Main Networking Tool As A Freelancer

  1. Hmm.. tough one. Maybe LinkedIn for me.
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    Adium IM client. I get a lot of requests via IM.

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    V7N for me, and other forums too.
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    Talk freelance for me.

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    Linkedin and Twitter

  6. #6, DigitalPoint.Com, MSN

    That should be it I guess

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    I would also say that forums are a great networking tool, especially smaller forums where you can establish a reputation and build credibility. In addition, forums with marketplaces will allow you to forge relationships with new and recurring clients.

  8. First it was webmaster forum dp but now most of my clients are permanent and I have added all of them on my IM . So whenever they want anything from me then they shoot me email or ping me via instant message .

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