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Thread: Atari fans??

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    Atari fans??

    are there any Atari fans out there? I used to play Atari all the time when I was a kid! Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Haunted House ... Space Invaders, Raiders of the Lost Arc ... man, those games were great!

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    Atari 2600 here. Don't forget the free Combat game too

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    Here, Here!

    My first love was Atari 2600 and the 5200 was extra awesome. I loved playing Montezuma's Revenge, Pitfall, Defender, Space invaders, Keystone Capers, Kaboom, Beenie Boppers, Pac-Man, Yar's Revenge, Moon Patrol, Joust, Pole Position, man you name it I loved it all!
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