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Thread: Bought a PSP :: Any Game Recommendations??

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    Bought a PSP :: Any Game Recommendations??

    Hey all NB buddies,
    I just bought a Psp 3004 a couple of weeks back. Just finished Playing MGS : Portable Ops[Am a Big MGS(Metal Gear Solid Fan, hence my username = Snak3 )].

    I currently have GTA(Liberty city stories/Vice city stories/Chinatown Wars), Resistance : Retribution, FF VII : Crisis Core, Splinter Cell : Essentials(Really disappointed at this one, loved the remaining ones though).

    I'd appreciate any recommendations of any games as i'm currently bored for the moment. Thanks

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    Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core... oh wait, you already listed it.

    +10 Cool Points for you. (Oh man, you even listed MGS and GTA!) +100

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    I don't know if it's your type but I love playing Patapon
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    If you like PS1 games, you can pirate 'em into your PSP. There is a tutorial on how to do so. I'd recommend the following PSone game:

    1.) Xenogears
    2.) Breath of Fire
    3.) Valkyrie Profile 1 (This also has a PSP version. I'd recommend that instead of the PS1 version so you wouldn't have to convert)

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    I suggest you try Daxter and Prince Of Persia Rival Swords, even the condensed version of GTA is very good for the psp. Or you can try god of war.
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